Dark Palms

Olympia, WA


So we have a lot of shows in the works. Also a lot of people have been writing about our debut single. Oh, did we forget to mention that here. Yes, our debut single - "Ghost Horse", you can get it now!

We are very excited to have our debut single out. We would urge anyone who has liked what they heard to get the single on 7" vinyl - the way it was intended to be heard. We have copies to sell directly, and the prices listed include shipping.

But don't take our word for it, here is what others have to say about us.

"Dark Palms is a post-punk band from Olympia, WA that play the most aggressive music the genre has to offer. Their debut single "Ghost Horse" is a bass heavy package of this. It starts off with a kick and then unloads into a full assault of heavy hitting jams. The band sounds like a faster and heavier Christian Death or Spaceman 3. The band isn't all about the heaviness of the genre though, as the song employs a generous amount of fuzz to the song. It's exactly what you'd want out of a debut single from a post-rock band; it shows a well-written post-punk song encapsulating all your favorite parts of the genre, and then some." -- Noisey/Vice

"Dark Palms bring a welcome gothic tinge to indie pop, a little garish darkness to an often rigid style of music. Not too shabby for a band that only formed earlier this year... Its b-side “Locket”, a driving, murky rocker that’s as loud as it is introspective. Led by singer Laurence Goldenstar’s deep baritone voice, it’s somber and thunderous at the same time." -- PopMatters

"There's nothing more goth than visual-heavy, chilling post-punk. Such is the sound of Olympia, Washington's Dark Palms." -- Fuse TV

"Oh, Dark Palms, where have you been all my life? Their new single, Ghost Horse, is a post-punk, fuzzed-out trip into pure American noir... straight out of weird America, albeit with a dash of Samhain muscle. Dark Palms is a tight and heavy unit that sounds like they've been together for years, thought in actually only a few months old." -- PopShifter

"Dark Palms cast a long northwest shadow of trees and other forces of nature governed by ghost animal instincts and thrashing dark cloaked chords that carry out distorted and deranged power chord hooks that serenade the surrounding rural splendor." -- Impose Magazine

Anyway, check out these photos by Rachel Carlson from last weeks show at Le Voyeur in Olympia.

Dark Palms | Dead End Social Club, ASCAP