Dark Palms

Olympia, WA

Dead End Social Club Records

Dead End Social Club was started by a group of friends with the goal of promoting and supporting a sense of cohesiveness among desperate subcultures under the punk umbrella. The group began releasing records in 2005. In 2006 they ventured outside their comfort zone and released the first record by a band not tied to their parochial beginnings, and this is where the real story of Dead End Social Club begins - as a vehicle for documenting music and ideas in a more global nature. Since its founding the Social Club itself has come to an end, but the record label still serves as a vehicle for thinking outside the box when it comes to punk orthodoxy or en-vogue trends.

DESC101 - The Revlons - "Where the Kids Roam" 

DESC102 - Georgetown Orbits - "My Baby's Okay" 

DESC103 - Lucky Soul - "My Brittle Heart" 

DESC104 - Aires and Graces - "Hope and Fortitude" 

DESC105 - Prince Timothy - "Electric Groove Box"

DESC106 - Happy Noose - "Happy Noose" 

DESC107 - Happy Noose -"Amagosa" 

DESC108 - Deleted

DESC109/RTR - 006 - Dark Palms - "Ghost Horse"

DESC110 - Dark Palms - "Hoxbar Ghost Town" - Cassette/CD

DESC111 - Dark Palms - "Smoke" - Lathe Cut

DESC99 - Aires and Graces - "Damage Done: the Complete Discography " Digital Download

DESC98 - Happy Noose - "Demo" Cassette/CDR

DESC97 - Happy Noose - "Happy Noose" Cassette

DESC96 - Happy Noose - "Haunted" Digital Download

DESC95 - The Revlons - "Where the Kids Roam" Digital Download

DESC94 - Happy Noose - "Two EPs" Digital Download

DESC93 - Dark Palms - "Hoxbar Outcasts" Digital Download

DESC92 - Dark Palms - "Ghost Horse" Digital Download

DESC91 - Dark Palms - "Smoke" Digital Download

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